Daniel Oliver Schmitt

Professor in the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology

External address: 
203 Biological Sciences Buildi, 130 Science Drive, Durham, NC 27708
Internal office address: 
Duke Box 90383, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 684-5664


My primary interest is in the evolution of primate locomotion. I am studying the mechanics of movement in primates and other vertebrates in the laboratory to understand the relationship between movement and postcranial morphology, and the unique nature of primates among mammals. Current projects include the origins of primate locomotion and the evolution of vertebrate bipedalism.

Degrees & Credentials

  • Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook 1995

Collaborative Research: Biomechanical Significance of Bone Material Variation in the Primate Locomotor Skeleton awarded by National Science Foundation (Principal Investigator). 2014 to 2018

Ontogeny of Heel-strike in African Apes awarded by National Science Foundation (Co-Principal Investigator). 2015 to 2018

The Effects of Vibration on Mouse Behavior awarded by American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine (Investigator). 2015 to 2016

Gait Mechanics of Inverted Walking: Implications for the Evolution of Suspensory Locomotion awarded by L.S.B. Leakey Foundation (Principal Investigator). 2015

Doctoral Dissertation Improvement: The Biomechanics of Vertical Clinging and Grasping in Primates awarded by National Science Foundation (Principal Investigator). 2012 to 2014

Gait Mechanics in Primate and Nonprimate Quadrupeds awarded by National Science Foundation (Principal Investigator). 2005 to 2010

Biomechanics and Inflammation in Osteoarthritis awarded by National Institutes of Health (Consultant). 2003 to 2008

Doctoral Dissertation Improvement: Vertical Climbing Efficiency in Primates awarded by National Science Foundation (Principal Investigator). 2005 to 2006

DISSERTATION RESEARCH: Mechanical Properties and Functional Morphology of Mammalian Footpads awarded by National Science Foundation (Co-Principal Investigator). 2002 to 2004

Mechanics of Fine Branch Locomotion in Primates and Opossums awarded by National Science Foundation (Principal Investigator). 1999 to 2002

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