Matt Cartmill

Professor Emeritus of Evolutionary Anthropology

Office: 108 Biological Sciences Bldg, Durham, NC 27708

Campus Box: DUMC, Durham, NC 27708

Phone: (919) 684-2971


I have recently begun preliminary work on a course of experimental research into the origins of human bipedalism. Known remains of the earliest bipedal human precursors (Australopithecus afarensis in East Africa and Australopithecus africanus in Southern Africa) exhibit two odd...

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Kenneth Earl Glander

Professor Emeritus of Evolutionary Anthropology

Office: 130 Science Dr., 108 Bio Sci Bldg, Durham, NC 27708

Campus Box: Duke Box 90383, Durham, NC 27708

Phone: (919) 668-0267


Primate ecology and social organization: the interaction between feeding patterns and social structure; evolutionary development of optimal group size and composition; factors affecting short and long-term demographic changes in stable groups; primate use of regenerating forests.

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William L. Hylander

Professor Emeritus of Biological Anthropology and Anatomy

Office: 106 Biological Sciences, Durham, NC 27710

Campus Box: Box 90383, Durham, NC 27705-0383

Phone: (919) 684-5782


My current research interests are related to the functional and evolutionary significance of craniofacial form in human and non-human primates. The long-range goal of my research is to gain a better functional understanding of the morphological diversity of the primate craniofacial...

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