Roxanne J Larsen

Lecturing Fellow, Senior of Evolutionary Anthropology


My interests are in how humans maintain stability while running.  I particularly focus on the adjustments to lower limb mechanics while running on variable surfaces (e.g., grass, trails, sidewalk) and on surfaces with visible obstacles.  Ultimately, understanding the underlying limb and body mechanics during running on stable and uneven ground conditions can aid in prevention of injuries.  This knowledge will provide direction for training regimes that prepare runners mechanically and physically for variable and unpredictable running surfaces.  Current projects include monitoring limb mechanics, gaze, and EMG while runners encounter one or more obstacles in their path. I have also mentored students interested in the biomechanics of various other sports (including tennis, soccer, dance, etc.).

Degrees & Credentials

  • Ph.D., Texas Technical University 2011

Larsen, RJ, Jackson, WH, and Schmitt, D. "Mechanisms for regulating step length while running towards and over an obstacle." Human Movement Science 49 (October 2016): 186-195. Full Text

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