Director of Undergraduate Studies

    • Leslie J. Digby
    • Associate Professor of the Practice and DUS
    • My research has centered on the evolution primate social and reproductive behavior (including female-female competition) for many years. Working with marmosets and lemurs, I've investigated the evolution of infanticide, mating systems and cooperative breeding. In the last few years I've also begun to study more ecological aspects of behavior, in particular ...
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Assistant to Director of Undergraduate Studies

Director of Graduate Studies

    • Richard F. Kay
    • Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
    • I have several areas of research. The first encompasses the evolution of primates and mammalian faunal evolution, especially in South America. I also have written extensively on the subject of the evolutionary origins of the Anthropoidea (monkeys and apes). More generally, I am interested in the use of primate anatomy to reconstruct the phylogenetic history ...
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Assistant to Director of Graduate Studies

    • M Lisa Squires
    • Staff Assistant and Assistant to the Chair and the DGS
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