Senior Research Staff


    • Debapriyo Chakraborty
    • Visiting Scholar
    • My present research interest, at a larger scale, stems from the idea that human-driven habitat modifications, increased connectivity and climate change may considerably influence the ecology of parasites and hosts and, in turn, their interactions, both locally and, perhaps, sometimes at the global level. Such changes are expected to give rise to emergence and re-emergence of ...
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    • Anne-Claire Fabre
    • Scholar in Residence
    • See my webpage
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    • Jingzhi Tan
    • Postdoctoral Associate
    • Humans are incredibly skillful in working with others. We cooperate in large-scale for a long term with unfamiliar strangers even in a costly way. However, how human cooperation evolved remains a mystery. Are we ultra-cooperators because we evolved to be genuinely altruistic to others or because we became more trusting to strangers? I study the psychological mechanisms of cooperation and trust in humans, nonhuman primates and dogs. I take a comparative approach to examine what are ...
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    • Vanessa R Woods
    • Research Scientist
    • Studying the comparitive psychology of bonobos and chimpanzees. Particular interests are cooperation, xenophobia, and the development of socio-sexual behaviour in bonobos.
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