Ashley Mooney

2014 Major: Evolutionary Anthropology; certificate in Policy, Journalism, and Media Studies

Currently: Veterinary student at University of Melbourne — Melbourne, Australia

How has being an Evolutionary Anthropology graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

"My degree gave me a strong evolutionary background that I can draw upon to aid my decision making in diagnosing and treating different species of animals. It also provided me with a much stronger behavioral background than my current vet program does. I think EvAnth is one of the best undergraduate degrees that Duke offers for pre-vet students."

What advice would you give students in Evolutionary Anthropology?

"For evolutionary anthropology, you can apply evolutionary thinking to every facet of your life from politics to people watching on the street.  If you're thinking of becoming a veterinarian or working with animals, the degree will provide a wonderful basis for understanding animal behavior and comparing between species. The PJMS certificate was immensely helpful for practicing my interviewing skills and improving my news analysis."

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Veterinary student at University of Melbourne — Melbourne, Australia