Jozsef Bordas

2015 Major: Evolutionary Anthropology

Currently: University of Texas Southwestern — Dallas, Texas

How has being an Evolutionary Anthropology graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

"The courses I took in Evolutionary Anthropology provided a strong foundation of knowledge for me on which I can build as I work through medical school toward becoming a physician. The variety of topics covered by the department promoted my exploration of new areas of interest. My long-term involvement in research with the Animal Locomotion Lab also fostered my inquisitiveness and has taught me to work through unexpected obstacles."

What advice would you give students in Evolutionary Anthropology?

"As a student in Evolutionary Anthropology, the classes available to you cover a wide spectrum. If you are interested in a career in healthcare, anatomy classes with lab/dissection components as well as physiology and embryology classes give you an early exposure to the information you will have to learn in graduate school. Getting involved in research is easy and only requires that you ask a professor or other researcher to join their project. Explore the variety of topics encompassed by the major and enjoy!"

Jozsef Bordas
University of Texas Southwestern — Dallas, Texas