Annual Progress Reporting

The Graduate School requires all graduate students to submit a summary of their academic progress each year. You must submit an Annual Ph.D. Student Report (download template below) of your academic activities to the Director of Graduate Studies in Evolutionary Anthropology prior to an annual student evaluation meeting.

Your report should include such things as courses completed and planned, research proposal submissions, research activities and writing projects, and teaching work. These annual evaluation meetings are generally held in the spring of each academic year. This should not be viewed as the only moment of reflection in your program. You are encouraged to have an ongoing dialog with your advisor, committee members, and/or the DGS.

Our graduate faculty will evaluate the progress of each student. The following options are possible:

  1. Continuation
  2. Continuation subject to improvement (concern)
  3. Dismissal from the program

Two consecutive "concern" decisions may lead to dismissal from the program. You will receive written notification of the evaluation results. The written progress reports and DGS letter summarizing the outcome of the annual faculty meeting are placed in students' folder as record of their annual progress and evaluation.