ABI Engineering Use Case Workshop March 4-5, 2015

Now that FEED v2 is online and available for data upload and download here, we will hold the second Use Case Workshop at the University of Illinois-Chicago Dental School.  Professor Ian Grosse (University of Massacusetts, Amherst) will attend the workshop along with FEED project members with the goal of generating new, collaborative studies linking the raw data in FEED with longstanding questions about mammalian craniofacial design that can be address through engineering approaches such as Finite Element Analysis.

Mathematical Modeling of Occlusal Contacts During the Power Stroke

This is a collaborative project to generate new variables that measure how the potential for puncture, shear, and crush along a toothrow in functional occlusion changes depending on the relative positions of the upper and lower dentition throughout the tooth-tooth contact period of the power stroke of mastication.  It brings together functional morphologists and mathematicians to generate novel computational algorithms to describe tooth movements during the power stroke and quantify relationships among tooth surface structures.  The “occlusal energy” variables will be used to evaluate  occl

Evolutionary Genomics of Enamel Thickness Iin Hominoids

The focus of this research is to document the genomic variation associated with the thick enamel phenotype that distinguishes humans from other extant hominoids. We are comparing sequence similarity in eight genes and their upstream regulatory regions. These genes code for the structural extracellular matrix proteins and the enamel proteases involved in amelogenesis. The thick enamel phenotype of modern humans differs dramatically from the thin enamel of Pan and Gorilla.