Hominoid Psychology Research Group

Bonobo Network

Welcome to the Bonobo Network!

We are here to synergize educational efforts between schools, museums, camps and libraries to most effectively communicate the wonder of our fourth great ape – the bonobo. 

We have an engaging curriculum that teaches students about unique bonobo behaviors and adaptations, the challenges bonobos face in their lowland forest habitat in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and conservation efforts to protect this valuable animal from extinction in the wild.

We are in the process of developing multi-media, experiential and sustainable class programs to enhance traditional science education and to link American students to their Congolese counterparts via skype and "kindness clubs."

We are also excited to work in partnership with your organization to develop your own curriculum. One of our educators will be happy to introduce your students to the amazing lives of the unique bonobo or provide teacher training. You are also welcome to peruse and use the attached curriculum.

If you are interested in learning more about our educational offerings, please contact Karen McCall at bonobonetwork@gmail.com.