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Steffen Foerster and Anne Pusey's research on gut microbiome in chimpanzees is featured in the article "Deodorant Changed the Ecosystem of North Carolina Armpits" by Laure Pellicer on North Carolina Health News 


Anne Pusey and Emily Boehm talk about the Gombe Chimpanzee Project with Meredith Johnson on the Leakey Foundation podcast, Origin Stories. They are featured on episode 4, How to Document a Society.


Joseph Feldblum and colleagues show that sexually coercive male chimpanzees father more offspring. Read here

Joseph Feldbulm discusses the four year war in Gombe and the splintering of societies with Thom Hartmann on The Big Picture.


Researchers show the fragmentation of chimpanzee society during a four year war in Gombe in the 1970s. Read here.