Wall Lab

Integrative Studies of Mammalian Feeding – The Feeding Experiments End-User Database (Feed)

In collaboration with many experimental functional anatomists and physiologists in the U.S. and Europe, and  the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent, Durham, NC), we have released a relational database (the Feeding Experiments End-user Database, or FEED) that is an archive for existing in vivo data and a repository for future work on feeding physiology in mammals.  The analyses that we are just beginning to undertake using FEED are an important step in research on mammalian feeding physiology because they will help us connect variation in feeding physiology to broad-scale patterns of mammalian evolution and diversification.  This project includes the development of several FEED-specific ontologies designed to link up with the rapidly expanding set of anatomical, behavioral, and functional ontologies being generated in the larger biological community.  Collaborators on this project are Robert Druzinsky, Vladimir Gapeyev, Rebecca German, Hilmar Lapp, Chris Vinyard, Susan Williams.  The Research Coordination Network provides invaluable assistance in developing the ontologies.  FEED can be accessed at www.feedexp.org


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