Graduate Program in Evolutionary Anthropology

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    • Boyer & Yapuncich
    • Yapuncich covering up the quarry
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    • Manatee
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    • Hippo & friend
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    • Evan MacLean
    • Struhsaker and Steel in Magombera Forest
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Research in the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology focuses on the evolutionary history of the mammalian radiation containing the human species and on the origins of human nature. By being taxon-based, evolutionary anthropology is inherently inter-disciplinary, and brings techniques and concepts from a variety of traditional academic disciplines to bear on the core questions of who we are and where we came from. These disciplines include evolutionary biology, archaeology, geology, paleontology, behavioral ecology, genetics, developmental biology, psychology, economics and other social sciences.

Our Program

Graduate student activities involve course work, developing a dissertation project, seeking funding, conducting the research, and writing the dissertation, as well as serving as a teaching assistant and being generally involved in the intellectual life of the department. Our faculty members are committed to making it possible for students to succeed.