C. Nicholas Cuneo, MD, MPH, B.S. 2008

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine – Baltimore, MD; Founding Medical Director, HEAL Refugee Health and Asylum Collaborative – Baltimore, MD

2008 Major: Evolutionary Anthropology (with distinction) and Biology

How has being an Evolutionary Anthropology graduate from Duke helped shape you personally and/or professionally?

"My time as a student of evolutionary anthropology at Duke provided me with a unique perspective on the human experience, bridging our cultural and biological roots in a way that has prepared me well not only as a practicing physician but also in my work at the intersection of human migration and health. Learning about the evolution of our species through time and space equipped me with an important comparative lens through which to understand current human diasporas and their health and social consequences. Finally, the mentorship and guidance I received from outstanding professors at Duke like Prof. Christine Drea was instrumental in setting me up for personal and professional success."

What advice would you give students in Duke's Evolutionary Anthropology programs? 

"Be brave and explore! The incredible thing about being at Duke and in such a unique program as Evolutionary Anthropology is that you have access to such a rich interdisciplinary learning environment. I had no idea that the diverse interests I pursued as an undergraduate in learning languages, studying international relations, practicing global health, conducting research, and understanding the impact of culture on behavior and cognition would come together so well in my work in refugee health and asylum medicine, but I remain extraordinary grateful for the education I received at Duke, as it provided an extremely solid foundation on which to build my career."

C. Nicholas Cuneo, MD, MPH