Anatomy & Paleoanthropology Concentration

To earn a concentration, you need to take 3 courses from the approved concentration courses. These can overlap with other major requirements. Concentrations are declared with the registrar and will be listed on your transcript.

Course Number Title Crosslisting Numbers Curriculum Codes
EvAnth 215S Genetics and Genomics of Human Variation Bio 260S CCI, NS, STS
EvAnth 220 Human Evolution NS
EvAnth 221S Becoming Human NS, R
EvAnth 230 Bodies of Evidence: Introduction to Forensic Anthropology NS, STS
EvAnth 231L Anatomy of the Lower Extremities NS
EvAnth 235L Primate Anatomy NS
EvAnth 330 Human Physiology and Anatomy: An Evolutionary Perspective
EvAnth 333L The Human Body NS
EvAnth 334L Human Osteology NS
EvAnth 336S Dance Science: An Evolutionary Approach to Functional Anatomy DANCE377S ALP, NS, R
EvAnth 520S Reconstructing the Past: Primate Paleobiology and Ecology NS, R
EvAnth 522 The Hominid Fossil Record NS
EvAnth 530 Human Functional Anatomy NS
EvAnth 582S Primate Adaptation NS
EVANTH 588S Macroevolution. BIOLOGY588S NS