Behavior Ecology & Cognition Concentration

To earn a concentration, you need to take 3 courses from the approved concentration courses. These can overlap with other major requirements. Concentrations are declared with the registrar and will be listed on your transcript.

Course Number Title Crosslisting Numbers Curriculum Codes
EvAnth 246 Sociobiology NS, STS
EvAnth 253 Primate Ecology NS, R
EvAnth 257 Ecology and Adaptation of Hunters and Gatherers CCI, NS
EvAnth 260 Human Cognitive Evolution PSY255 NS, SS
EvAnth 341 Primate Sexuality BIOLOGY321 NS, STS
EvAnth 341D Primate Sexuality BIOLOGY321D NS, STS
EvAnth 344L Primate Field Biology NS, R, W
EvAnth 347D Behavioral Ecology and the Evolution of Animal Behavior Biology 267D NS, R, STS, W
EvAnth 359S Primate Conservation EI, NS, STS
EvAnth 363S Evolution of Primate Social Cognition NS, R
EvAnth 385D Primate Disease Ecology and Global Health GLHLTH315D NS, R, STS
EvAnth 546S Primate Social Evolution NS, R
EvAnth 560S Primate Cognition NS
EvAnth 561S Evolution, Cognition and Society Psy 561S NS, STS
EvAnth 570S Energetics, Ecology and Evolution NS, R