Concentration: Behavior, Ecology and Cognition


To better understand the human species from a biology and evolutionary perspective, we need to understand what makes us similar or different from other species. Investigating the behavior of our closest relatives, the primates, enables us to see broader patterns of how animals interact with one another as well as the ecological influences shaping those patterns. Our courses also cover research on a variety of non-primate species such as dogs and meerkats as they too provide insights into what shapes sociality and cognitive abilities. The study of behavior, ecology and cognition provides great preparation for students interested in working with animals, health fields, conservation, psychology, research and a variety of fields related to biological anthropology.


To earn a concentration, you need to take 3 courses from the approved list below. These can overlap with other major requirements. Concentrations are declared with the registrar and will be listed on your transcript.

Number Title Codes
EVANTH 246 Sociobiology STS, NS
EVANTH 253 Primate Ecology R, NS
EVANTH 257 Ecology and Adaptation of Hunters and Gatherers CCI, NS
EVANTH 260 Human Cognitive Evolution NS, SS
EVANTH 341 Primate Sexuality STS, NS
EVANTH 341D Primate Sexuality STS, NS
EVANTH 344L Primate Field Biology R, W, NS
EVANTH 347D Behavioral Ecology and the Evolution of Animal Behavior R, STS, W, NS
EVANTH 359S Primate Conservation EI, STS, NS
EVANTH 363S Animal Intelligence and the Social Brain R, NS
EVANTH 385D Primate Disease Ecology and Global Health R, STS, NS
EVANTH 546S Primate Social Evolution R, NS
EVANTH 561S Evolution, Cognition, and Society STS, NS
EVANTH 570S Energetics in Human Evolution, Ecology, and Health R, NS