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Survey of field methods used to document primate behavior. Laboratory includes observations of free-ranging and captive primates at the Duke Lemur Center. Focus on the scientific process and writing of formal research papers. Prerequisite: Evolutionary Anthropology 101 or Biology 202L. read more  about Primate Field Biology»


An introduction to the basics of human osteological analysis. Identification and siding of all the bones of the human body and the major osteological landmarks on each bone; basics of bone histology, development and growth; and fundamentals of anthropological analysis of human skeletal remains (… read more  about Human Osteology»


Covers evolutionary approaches to understand human health at a global scale. Integration of evolutionary thinking and medical science provides new insights to a wide array of medical issues including obesity, cancer, allergies, and mental illness. Evolutionary perspectives reveal why some pathogens… read more  about Evolutionary Medicine and Global Health»


In Evolutionary Anthropology we focus on the pre-history, ecology and biology (including functional anatomy) of the human species. To accomplish this, our students take classes in Forensics, Human Evolution, Primate Anatomy, Sociobiology and Human Cognitive Evolution. After the basics, they explore more in-depth topics like Primate Evolutionary Genetics, The Human Body (using cadavers over in the Duke Medical School), Primate Sexuality, Human Osteology, Primate Disease Ecology and can even follow lemurs around the Duke Forest in Primate Field Biology. Students cap off their Duke experience with advanced level courses like Human Functional Anatomy, Primate Cognition, Orthopedic Biomechanics & Kinesiology and Ethics in Evolutionary Anthropology. 

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Number Title Codes
EVANTH 89S First-Year Seminar
EVANTH 101 Introduction to Evolutionary Anthropology STS, NS
EVANTH 101D Introduction to Evolutionary Anthropology STS, NS
EVANTH 190 Topics in Evolutionary Anthropology
EVANTH 212FS Evolution, Society, and Health in Comparative Perspective STS, NS
EVANTH 215S Genetics and Genomics of Human Variation CCI, STS, NS
EVANTH 220 Human Evolution NS
EVANTH 221S Becoming Human R, NS
EVANTH 230 Bodies of Evidence: Introduction to Forensic Anthropology STS, NS
EVANTH 231L Anatomy of the Lower Extremities NS
EVANTH 235L Primate Anatomy NS
EVANTH 246 Sociobiology STS, NS
EVANTH 253 Primate Ecology R, NS
EVANTH 257 Ecology and Adaptation of Hunters and Gatherers CCI, NS
EVANTH 260 Human Cognitive Evolution NS, SS
EVANTH 285 Evolutionary Medicine and Global Health R, STS, NS
EVANTH 315S Human Biological Variation NS
EVANTH 318 Human Evolutionary Genetics R, NS
EVANTH 330 Human Evolutionary Physiology NS
EVANTH 333L The Human Body NS
EVANTH 334L Human Osteology NS
EVANTH 336S Dance Science: An Evolutionary Approach R, ALP, NS
EVANTH 337L Functional Anatomy of the Human Brain STS, NS
EVANTH 341 Primate Sexuality STS, NS
EVANTH 341D Primate Sexuality STS, NS
EVANTH 344L Primate Field Biology R, W, NS
EVANTH 347D Behavioral Ecology and the Evolution of Animal Behavior R, STS, W, NS
EVANTH 347D-1 Behavioral Ecology and the Evolution of Animal Behavior STS, NS
EVANTH 359S Primate Conservation EI, STS, NS
EVANTH 363S Animal Intelligence and the Social Brain R, NS
EVANTH 385D Primate Disease Ecology and Global Health R, STS, NS
EVANTH 390 Current Issues in Evolutionary Anthropology
EVANTH 390S Current Topics in Evolutionary Anthropology
EVANTH 391 Independent Study
EVANTH 393 Research Independent Study R
EVANTH 434L Advanced Osteology R, NS
EVANTH 490S Advanced Current Topics in Evolutionary Anthropology
EVANTH 495S Advanced Research in Evolutionary Anthropology R, W, NS
EVANTH 518S Humans on the move: evolutionary perspectives on prehistoric human migration NS
EVANTH 520S Reconstructing the Past: The Paleobiology and Paleoecology of Primates R, NS
EVANTH 522 The Hominin Fossil Record NS
EVANTH 530 Human Functional Anatomy NS
EVANTH 537S Orthopedic Biomechanics and Kinesiology R, NS
EVANTH 546S Primate Social Evolution R, NS
EVANTH 561S Evolution, Cognition, and Society STS, NS
EVANTH 570S Energetics in Human Evolution, Ecology, and Health R, NS
EVANTH 580S Ethics in Evolutionary Anthropology EI, STS, NS
EVANTH 582S Primate Adaptation NS
EVANTH 585 Statistical Rethinking: Methods and Applications in Evolutionary Anthropology and Biology R, NS, QS
EVANTH 588S Macroevolution NS
EVANTH 590LS Special Topics Laboratory
EVANTH 590S Special Topics
EVANTH 652S The Life and Work of Darwin NS
EVANTH 701S Concepts in Evolutionary Anthropology -A
EVANTH 702S Concepts in Evolutionary Anthropology
EVANTH 705 Succeeding in Graduate School in the Biological Sciences
EVANTH 706 Succeeding Beyond Grad School: Career Options with a PhD in the Biological Sciences
EVANTH 718 Methods in Human Evolutionary Genetics
EVANTH 730 Gross Human Anatomy
EVANTH 735S Functional Morphology of the Hominid Fossil Record
EVANTH 736L Human Osteology
EVANTH 741 Ecological Perspectives: Evolution to Ecosystems
EVANTH 742 Ecological Perspectives: Individuals to Communities
EVANTH 743S Ecology Seminar
EVANTH 744L Primate Field Biology
EVANTH 745 Primate Sexuality
EVANTH 760L Medical Neuroscience and Clinical Human Neuroanatomy
EVANTH 785 Human Health in Evolutionary Perspective
EVANTH 790 Topics in Physical Anthropology
EVANTH 790S Special Topics in Evolutionary Anthropology
EVANTH 791 Independent Study
EVANTH 793 Research in Evolutionary Anthropology