Human Biology

Course Number Title Crosslisting Numbers Curriculum Codes
EvAnth 221S Becoming Human NS, R
EvAnth 230 Bodies of Evidence: Introduction to Forensic Anthropology NS, STS
EvAnth 231L Anatomy of the Lower Extremities NS
EvAnth 257 Ecology and Adaptation of Hunters and Gatherers CCI, NS
EvAnth 260 Human Cognitive Evolution PSY255 NS, SS
EvAnth 285 Human Health in Evolutionary Perspective GLHLTH304D NS, R, STS
EvAnth 318 Human Evolutionary Genetics NS, R
EvAnth 330 Human Physiology and Anatomy: An Evolutionary Perspective
EvAnth 333L The Human Body NS
EvAnth 334L Human Osteology NS
EvAnth 336S Dance Science: An Evolutionary Approach to Functional Anatomy DANCE377S ALP, NS, R
EvAnth 341 Primate Sexuality BIOLOGY321 NS, STS
EvAnth 530 Human Functional Anatomy NS
EvAnth 561S Evolution, Cognition and Society Psy 561S NS, STS
EvAnth 570S Energetics, Ecology and Evolution NS, R