Degree Programs

We offer a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) or Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Evolutionary Anthropology, as well as a minor. Students can also pursue any of Duke's other minors and certificates, and double major in another field with careful course planning. 

Degree Emphasis
Bachelor of Science in Evolutionary Anthropology
The Bachelor of Science degree is intended to prepare you for careers in the sciences, including advanced degrees in anthropology, medicine, dentistry, physical therapy and veterinary medicine. Students who earn a B.S. are also well placed to work in science-related research and education positions at museums, government offices, NGOs and private industry. Students seeking a B.S. degree will acquire a strong knowledge of the basic sciences (math, chemistry, physics, and biology) in addition to core knowledge in evolutionary anthropology in preparation for a career in the sciences.
Bachelor of Arts in Evolutionary Anthropology
The Bachelor of Arts degree is intended as a broader liberal arts exposure to evolutionary anthropology. The requirements are similar in depth to the B.S., but fewer courses in the basic sciences are required. Students seeking a B.A. degree in evolutionary anthropology will gain strong core knowledge in the discipline as a whole in preparation for a variety of possible careers within or outside the sciences.
Minor in Evolutionary Anthropology
The minor is intended as a pathway for students to build educational depth in evolutionary anthropology as a broad field or in subdiscipline as a way to augment another major.