Undergraduate Research

Research Opportunities

The first step in conducting mentored research is contacting and interviewing a faculty member with whom you would like to work (see Research & Labs). To prepare for your meeting, study the previous scientific work of your potential mentor and outline either (1) areas of research you would like to work on or (2) a specific project that you would like to conduct. Keep in mind that while some faculty members prefer that you carve out a sub-project within a larger project that they are working on, others prefer you create your own project.

Be sure to review the guidelines for Independent Studies.

Also be sure to check the MUSER undergraduate research website that serves as a clearinghouse of research opportunities across the university. 

Undergraduate Grant Opportunities

Most undergraduate research is funded by Undergraduate Research Support (USR) Grants, but there are additional programs of support available such as:

Dean's Summer Research Fellowships – The Deans' Summer Fellowships can support faculty-mentored research in any discipline in the arts & sciences. Preference is given to students whose research projects are integral to their academic program and may contribute to a senior thesis.