Individual Development Plans (IDP)

Students and their advisors will complete an intellectual development plan yearly, at the start of each academic year.  Students have two versions - one for first years and another for other years - and advisors have a separate form.  Students and advisors will fill out the appropriate forms and discuss, aiming to identify areas to work on and targets to set in the upcoming year.  

These mutually agreed-upon plans will be summarized in another document available here, the Action Plan.  You should revisit the Action Plan periodically with your advisor throughout the year (along with the IDP), especially at the start of the spring semester.  

Please send completed documents to the DGSA.  These documents are based on the versions adopted by the Nicholas School of the Environment.

Download IDP Action Plan (docx - 14.03 KB)
Download IDP for Advisors (docx - 14.83 KB)