Majoring in Evolutionary Anthropology

When you are ready to declare your major, we recommend that you visit the Evolutionary Anthropology Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) to answer any questions you might have about the major.

The DUS is the departmental or program officer responsible for the coordinating and overseeing the undergraduate curriculum and courses of instruction. The DUS authorizes transfer credits and certifies that each student has met the requirements for the major or minor at the point of graduation for each year.

Once you have your questions answered, you will complete your Long-Range Plan (available on DukeHub) and meet with your pre-major advisor.

If you are adding an Evolutionary Anthropology major or minor or switching from a different major, you may do so by filling out a request at the registrar's office (located in the Smith Warehouse).

How Advising Works

Our advising system is flexible, and it is possible to change advisors if it is found another would more closely match your needs. You should coordinate a change through the undergraduate office. The office may also need to change your advisor because of sabbatical leaves or special demands on faculty time.

You need to meet with your advisor at least once a semester, typically during registration for the next semesters courses. This meeting is a great time to talk not only about classes, but also how your current classes are going, advice for effective time management, your long-term plans, suggestions for applying to graduate and professional schools, and any other academic questions or concerns you may have. Most advisors will post appointment schedules during the registration period. You're naturally free to meet with or e-mail your advisor at other times, simply e-mail or call your advisor to make an appointment.

To request an advisor, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Leslie Digby at She will get back to you with the availability of your first and second choice advisors.

Faculty Advisors

Note that only certain faculty can serve as major advisors. This means that it may be difficult to assign an advisor whose research interests coincide exactly with yours. However, we will try our best to make the match as close as possible.

  • Susan Alberts  - animal behavior and ecology (not currently taking new advisees)
  • Doug Boyer – Paleontology, early primate evolution
  • Steven Churchill – Paleontology, functional morphology, hominins
  • Leslie Digby – Primate behavior and ecology, lemurs
  • Christine Drea – Behavioral endocrinology, social complexity
  • Amy Goldberg - Population Genetics and Migration
  • Brian Hare (chair) – Evolution of cognition, primates, canines
  • Rich Kay – Paleontology, primate evolution, functional anatomy (not currently taking new advisees)
  • Charlie Nunn – Disease ecology, global health
  • Herman Pontzer - Energetics and Human Physiology; Locomotion
  • Daniel Schmitt – Biomechanics, evolution of locomotion
  • Jenny Tung – Primate evolutionary genetics and genomics (currently on leave)