Class of 2024: Emily Sandberg

Emily Sandberg with confetti in the background

Emily Sandberg is a graduating senior with majors in Evolutionary Anthropology and Psychology. She has served as a Trinity Ambassador for the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology. Trinity Ambassadors are student volunteers, nominated by their departments, to serve in this unique and important role.

We asked a few of the ambassadors from the Class of 2024 to share their favorite memories from Duke. The below interview has been slightly edited for clarity.

What was one of the most impactful classes you took during your time at Duke and why?

One of my favorite classes during my time at Duke was a surprising one for me — Psychology Research Methods and Statistics. This class taught me the important skills I needed to be successful today as I complete my senior thesis, and generally, gave me confidence in myself as a researcher.

What will you miss the most about Duke after graduation?

Apart from my absolute favorite chai latte at Beyu Blue, I will miss the campus culture and community at Duke. I love the experience of walking across BC Plaza and waving at my friends and classmates, chatting with the person next to me in the student section in Cameron Indoor, and late night study sessions with my friends. These small moments of support and community make Duke truly special. 

What will you do after graduation and how did Duke help prepare you for what’s next?

After graduation, I will pursue an MA in Higher Education at Columbia University. I never considered this path when I began college, but Duke gave me the freedom to explore my passions and put time into the things that matter to me, including teaching and advocating for equity in education.